Reviews of dog training books

dog trainingBringing a puppy home is always welcome but training the puppy requires knowledge and patience. Therefore, you should consider buying a good book on dog training. With the several options in such books, it may be difficult to choose amongst these. Below we provide reviews of dog training books.

• How to raise the perfect dog; through puppyhood and beyond: The book is authored by Cesar Millan who hosts his own television series. This book explains the importance of training your puppy early for best results. Millan’s book provides guidelines on factors that need consideration at each stage of puppyhood. Additionally, the books details the time for vaccinations, housetraining methods, nutritional and feeding guidance, assertiveness, correcting behavioral issues before they become problematic, and exercises for specific dog breeds.

• Beyond Basic Dog Training: This book is useful after you have provided basic training to your puppy. One of the points that this book focuses on is teaching your dog of being afraid in case of failures and continuing trying to gain rewards from you. A key point the book focuses is working as a team with your dog providing complete strategies and techniques that are beneficial for all dog owners.

• Good Dog 101; Easy Lessons to train your dog the happy, healthy way: Most of the dog training methods adopt punishing or dominating your dogs with physical force. However, this book teaches the learning theory and used by the SPCA. Most of us do not have the natural training dog skills and therefore this book is helpful for a step-by-step guidance to successfully train your dog.

• 101 dog tricks; Step by step activities to engage, challenge and bond with your dog: Reviews of dog training books brings forth this book that is focused for teaching old dogs new tricks. The implementation of the methods outlined in the book is simple because of its systematic guidelines. Starting with the basic tricks, you can build up on the skill levels as your dog progresses. In addition, the book has several pictures that make the book simple to use.